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Brandon, CA
Friday, April 19, 2024

Male suspect arrested for ongoing harassment of ex-girlfriend

On April 9th at 4:07 pm Police arrested a male at his residence on Percy Street. The accused has been continually harassing and uttering threats to harm his ex-girlfriend. Due to the seriousness of the threats and his actions he was held for court on April 10th, 2024.

F1 comes to Brandon

Brandon’s Brent Campbell has a vision for bringing to the people of Brandon and Western Manitoba a life like F1 driving experience. Introducing The Focus located on 10th Street. People are always looking for something different to do and Campbell’s business www.focus.ca offers adults and parents looking for new birthday party ideas. Sitting in the…

McCarty is a true fan!

Matt McCarty without a doubt is a true Toronto Maple Leafs fan. But, it’s not until you arrive inside his house and you’ll know his love is much deeper. "I have thought about reducing my collection but that has yet to happen" McCarty told BDNMB.CA. He gets calls all the time from people that spot…

Robot Servers?

Before you think this is the end of the world as we know it (REM) the owners of Kam Lung Asian Cuisine thought they would experiment with a concept that would increase customer service plus help their staff. Meet the new Robot Serving Devices at Kam Lung.   Kam Lung managers said finding staff for…

Do dogs get the right of way?

Sometimes, random thoughts and questions stick in my head and percolate for a while. Recently, I was driving around and was passed by a car being driven erratically. When I looked over, I saw a German shepherd in the driver’s seat, sitting on the lap of what I have to assume was a driver. Either…
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