Do dogs get the right of way?

dog leaning out the car window with funny sunglasses

Sometimes, random thoughts and questions stick in my head and percolate for a while.

Recently, I was driving around and was passed by a car being driven erratically. When I looked over, I saw a German shepherd in the driver’s seat, sitting on the lap of what I have to assume was a driver. Either that, or the guy didn’t have license and figured the dog was better qualified. I have no idea how the driver could see where they were going, but I hope the dog at least could find its way home.

 Later, I encountered another car, this time packed to the point where all the windows were blocked as someone was on the move to a new residence. It cut me off as it was changing lanes. I looked over, and wouldn’t you know it. Another dog in the driver’s seat, happy as can be. All I can say is I’m glad it was a dog driving, because a cat would deliberately have written-off my vehicle in a hit and run.

 Other thoughts: 

·      I want the company that built the Kemnay railway bridge to construct my next house. That bridge takes a beating and still handles a full slate of money trains every day.

·      The Winnipeg Jets are clear winners in trading a second rounder in 2024 for Nashville’s Nino Niederreiter. Winnipeg adds depth scoring with term, without giving up a lot. However, there is a real need to bring in a defenceman nobody wants to play against. The last time the Jets were relevant in the playoffs, they had both Dustin Byfuglien and Jacob Trouba. Logan Stanley may cast a long shadow on a sunny day, but I’m not sure he helps make the Jets a tough team to play against.  

·      To answer that need, would Vancouver’s Luke Schenn be a fit in Winnipeg?

·      Another reason for the Jets to go all-in this year? Connor Hellebuyck is going to get paid big time on his next contract. He’d be worth at least $11 million per season. Can the Jets afford to keep him and the rest of the lineup needed to win? The West is open this year, and the Eastern Conference winner will have navigated an absolute meat grinder list of opponents to get to the Final.

·      Watching the modern-day NHLers play, with repeated breakouts which often result in passing back to defencemen once the rush hits the centre line, I have to wonder if the 1972 Summit Series taught Canadian hockey to play more like the Anatoli Tarasov-coached Soviets.

·      Renovations at the Rogers Centre may be intended to create more of a baseball feel to the building once known as Skydome, but will the renovations actually pay for themselves if Vladimir Guerrero Jr., hits 80 home runs? It’s going to take a lot of hot dogs to pay that salary. Mind you, if beer reaches $20 per cup, you’ll know where those profits are going.

·      Nobody asked me, but if the Wheat Kings are looking for a new head coach, they might want to look at Steinbach Pistons assistant coach Calvin Bugyik. Aside from a 93-28-11 head coaching record in Manitoba AAA U-18 games, and two provincial AAA U-18 titles as an assistant coach, he’s done pretty well with the Pistons, a perennial contender in the MJHL.

·      If you needed any more examples of how ineptly run the Arizona Coyotes are run, look at the Jacob Chychrun situation. I realize the franchise knows it has a valuable defenceman and wants to maximize value coming back to the team in a trade. But this player has noted durability issues. At some point, Arizona should take the best, reasonable offer it can, and look to five years from now, when the Houston Aeros will be ready to contend in the NHL.

·      This year’s Scotties has offered some new faces a chance to shine. It will be interesting to see how the Nova Scotia team led by Christina Black are a one-hit wonder, or incoming contenders. The fact they are based on the east coast makes travel to the elite tournaments in central and western Canada a lot harder. Black made elite-level shots this past week, put a lot of crooked numbers on the board, and didn’t wilt under the TV lights.

·      Last, but certainly not least, Manitoba RCMP recently reported a woman called 911 to report an emergency. Apparently, the drive thru at a new restaurant had a rather long lineup and she really needed a burger and fries. There are some seriously good burgers to be had out there, but is ordering and receiving one through a drive thru window a life-threatening emergency?

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Keith Borkowsky is a commentator who has 10 years of experience in politics as a past member of the Manitoba Legislature Press Gallery, as well as campaign manager, political staffer, and advisor to senior politicians and municipal governments. Aside from experience in politics, Keith was a sports reporter for more than 10 years. In the Brandon area, he covered curling in print as well as a play-by-play commentator on television