Community Connection: 20 Questions with Jason Roblin


Jason Roblin is the Chief Executive Officer for Vionell Holdings Partnership (VHP). He has his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Brandon University. An avid hockey fan, Jason spent time in the Finance Department of the Calgary Flames.  For his full bio, please click here.

1.  You are at the grocery store, what is the one item you will never buy generic but always purchase name brand? Mustard, it has to be French’s doesn’t it?
2. What was your favourite TV show growing up? Other than Hockey Night in Canada, it was likely Law and Order, I grew up in Pierson we had 3 Channels. (CBC, CTV and NBC from Minot)
3. If you could go back in time and attend one NHL game live, which game would you choose? 1988 Stanley Cup Final Edmonton Vs Boston the last cup with the 80’s oilers together, I liked Bourque and Neely on the B’s would have loved to been there (in the Garden).
VHP Property Barons Champs
4. A meal that you think tastes better the next day? Pizza
5. A business from the past that you would like to see make a return to Brandon? I am not sure about this one, maybe Joe’s Sports Cards
6. First time on a plane, where did you go? Bismark ND to Dallas Tx, I was fortunate enough to visit my grandparents on spring break in kindergarten, accompanied by my aunt
7. You’re been handed $10,000 and a ticket to anywhere but you have to leave tonight, where would you go? Right now Vegas to watch some playoff hockey, but normally Phoenix or Palm Springs.
8. What is your greatest strength as an entrepreneur? Asking questions, listening and finding solutions.
9. First job? Cutting grass for seniors in Pierson.  I also sold corn cobs out of a wagon 3 for a dollar, that sticks with me when the inflation discussion comes up.
10. You can choose one item to be calorie free, what will it be? Beer or pizza
11. The car you passed your drivers test in was a? Ford Explorer (my moms vehicle)
12. An object you still own from your childhood? Wayne Gretzky lunch box from kindergarten with thermos.

13. Three movies everyone should have in their movie library?

1. Big Short
2. Any Given Sunday
3. Wolf on Wall Street
14. A piece of advice you would give to this year’s graduating class?

A. Anything you start, start with the end in mind. (If you are taking business, focus on the job you want and take the classes you need to get that job.)
B. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.
15. You have been challenged to a fight–the object closest to you is your weapon. What are you fighting with? My fists, they got me this far.
16. Optimal golf foursome? Jared Jacobson, Jack Jacobson and Trent Roblin, I have golfed with each of them separately and had an amazing time each occasion.
Jason along with his wife (Brianne),
17. Would you ever consider running for politics? No. I respect those that do serve in public office. I get really frustrated with excuses and why things can’t happen. I am better suited for private enterprise where we can find ways to make things happen.
18. You come home on a Friday night after work and everyone you hung out with in high school is on your front step, respond with three words. Let’s catch up!
19. What is the most interesting place you have ever been to? New York, it is different than any other place I have been.  It is a bit overwhelming when you get there, you enjoy the city and when you leave you can’t wait to go back
20. Outside of hockey, what sport have you spent the most hours playing? I am trying to get back into golf, I played a lot as a kid, didn’t play during university and the start of my career.  I like the sport and am slowly improving.