Community Connection: 20 Questions with Tyler Glen


Tyler is currently the Program Director/Morning Show Host at Star FM Brandon as well as the Program Director at Q Country 91.5FM.  Today, he took time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions.

What did you want to be when you were growing up: An actor.  I wanted to move to Hollywood and be on a sit com.  Never say never.  😉

Do you recall the first person you interviewed live on air when you started your broadcasting career: Patricia Conroy in Houston’s 1992 on Q Country.  Live in the bar before a show.

Everyone knows your love of bacon. If you could have any one celebrity chef cater a bacon themed 5-course meal, who would that chef be: My Dad Vic.  Little known fact:  He was a Chef for Kokanos in Brandon “back in the day”.

A person in Brandon that you have not yet had the opportunity to interview but would like to:  He’s not alive anymore but his kids are.  Tommy Douglas. My politics and his doesn’t jive, but what that guy did to get Medicare off the ground in this country is amazing.  Plus with that answer I would defacto get to interview his kid Donald Sutherland and his grandson Kiefer Sutherland right?  🙂

Your fast food guilty pleasure: Hardees, In ‘N Out Burger and Chic-fil-a, always when I travel.

Minnesota Vikings make the Super Bowl, where are you watching the game: Wherever they are.  Love them!  My son David and I had rooms booked in Minneapolis after the “Minneapolis Miracle” thinking they would make it to the Super Bowl. They didn’t. We almost flew to Miami the year Favre through the interception.  Even if we didn’t go to the game, I would want to “be in that city, any city” where its happening.

A movie you would watch again tonight: ET.  I cry every time.  Drove my kids crazy.  Best childhood movie ever.

What are your last three Google searches: Pickled egg recipe, Canucks season Schedule, and temp in Nashville (watching football and weather was yucky)

You have friends visiting Brandon for the first time, where do you take them:  Airplane museum, Crowe’s General Store, Prairie Firehouse, Riverbank Discover Centre and Obermaiers.

If you were trying out for Canadian Idol what would be your go to song: Wooly Booly.  Best Kareoke song ever.  Easy to sing, with just two words.

What accomplishment in your career are you most proud of to date: Putting STAR on air in June 2000.  20 years next year, and a wonderful ride.

What is the latest adventure that you went on: Travelling the 101 Freeway from Calabassas CA to Dodger Stadium for a game.  36 miles (roughly Minnedosa to Brandon). And the trip there too us 2.5 hours.  Trip home was 45 minutes.  That was an adventure!

What would be the theme song to your life: Gipsy Kings – A Mi Manera – (will play at my funeral. Morbid sorry!)

Which former co-worker would make the best talk show host: Guy named Wayne Whitten, or as he’s known, CC in Z99 Regina.  He’s good on air, but fearless and crazy and blunt off air. If someone gave him a no holds barred talk show, it would be HUGE!

What TV show would you most like to make a cameo appearance in:  Easy answer….SNL…..LIVE FROM NEW YORK ITS SATURDAY NIGHT!  Always wanted to say it!  Least I can say it on

What is the best gift that you have ever received: My children.  And my beautiful wife.  Best gifts ever, for without them I am nothing.

A business from the past that you would like to see return to Brandon: Old Kokanos high end, five star, fine dining eatery.  Most people in Brandon don’t remember that place but boy, it was incredible, but again I’m bias for obvious reasons.

What song instantly puts you in a good mood: Tupac-California Love.  Literally can listen to it 1000 times.

Your dream dinner party guests includes yourself and these three people: Jesus Christ, Buddha and Muhammad.  (I understand the irony of having to be “not of this world” to attend, but it would still be great conversation.  And endless wine!)

If you could swap places with one person (living or dead), who would that be:  Let’s end with some cheese:  would you believe, nobody? My life is not perfect, and the fact is, neither is anyone else’s.  I might think I want to be John Bulushi but look how that ended up. John Candy?  Same thing.  I’m one of the luckiest guys you’ll ever meet. Nobody gets everything they want, but I got most of it, and the ride isn’t over yet.  I have a beautiful family, a job I love, in the place I grew up.  At a recent radio conference in Minneapolis, guys from Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and the Twin Cities all were trying to “get back” to their hometown for the back half of their career.  And when they hear my story, they say “I’m living the dream”.  And I am.  I never take if for granted and I’m grateful every day.  And to prove it, this will be the first topic of my dinner party, where I say thank-you.  I am so lucky.  THAT enough cheese for you?