Crane Steel Structures celebrates 40 years in business

PJ Crane-Paul Crane-Jarod Crane

A recent study by McKinsey found that the average life-span of companies listed in Standard & Poor’s 500 was 61 years in 1958. Today, it is less than 18 years.

Crane Steel Structures is celebrating 40 years in business. Truly a remarkable number when you think about how tough it is for a business to survive.

The Brandon based company started operations in 1981 in a modest 400 square foot office and over the years have found ways to expand and also re-invent their business.

With a staff of over 40, brothers PJ and Jarod Crane carry the torch from their father Paul Crane who founded the company..

BDNMB.CA was able to squeeze a few questions out of PJ Crane prior to the Tamarack golf tournament started this weekend in Clear Lake.

Twenty-five years ago or so, when you were running a sporting goods store on 18th St, did you foresee yourself sitting in the position you are today working in the family business? LOL those were really, really fun years but I soon realized retail was not for me and had an idea of where I would end up and grateful it has all worked out!

Apart from Covid over the past 18 months, what are some of the largest issues you and your brother have faced on a day to day basis?  Most of our issues are Labor and Material shortages. We have to make sure Government stops closing down businesses that they think are non essential.

Is your Dad involved at all in day to day operations?  Ha Yes between golf and snowbirding we have Dad on a .25 retainer. He is the cheapest consultant we have and you cannot find common sense knowledge like that these days.

And can we expect you and your brother to be at Food Truck Warz in September? Well we love to eat, so pretty good chance were there a couple of times !!

You can check out the various impressive projects (Precision Toyota – PCU Centre in Portage and NetSet Communication) that Crane Steel have looked after from start to finish by visiting their web page here.