Family converts old cattle barn into rink, the Cattledome is born


Calgary, Alberta has the Scotiabank Saddledome and a family farm in the RM of Whitehead has the Cattledome. Back in late fall of 2010 brothers Kyle and Darby Cochrane converted an old family cattle barn, that was no-longer in use, into a mini-hockey rink for their respective families to use. According to Kyle the family previously had an outdoor rink for two years but every time the kids went to use it there was either a foot of snow covering the ice surface or else it was -35 out. With five children between them (Kyle 3, Darby 2) the rink gets plenty of use in the winter months. The rink, located on Cochrane Stock Farms, has been used for team windups, New Years celebrations, and 4-H parties in the past. In the summer months the barn has many uses including reusing it as a cattle barn for 4-H or a place for the kids to practice their shot or toss a ball around.

The section of the barn that now houses the locker room and warm-up area was originally built by their grandfather approximately 100 years ago. In the 70’s their father built an addition to the barn which now serves as the family skating rink. The rink boards were purchased many years ago at a Keystone Cente auction. Each year the brothers tackle a different project (locker stalls, insulation) further enhancing the comfort and experience for their families. A family friend, Trevor Gompf nicknamed the rink the Cattledome many years ago and the name just kind of stuck.

Cochrane Stock Farms
Cochrane Stock Farms
Locker room.