Grump Weed, a small Canadian craft cannabis company in Minnedosa


The legal marijuana business is growing by over 100 percent per year. This means huge tax revenues that the Federal and Provincial governments have never seen in the past.

In order to better understand the business of weed at the local level we reached out to Grump Weed, a Canadian Licensed Micro Cannabis Producer in Minnedosa, for additional information.

Roughly two years ago, Dave Hargreaves and his partners started the process of opening this business.  As Dave tells “We are just a few guys who love to grow weed and love technology.” Building the facility to Health Canada’s standards was difficult as they had to interpret the new cannabis laws and rules.  There was really no guide telling you exactly what they want so the license process and approval is not a sure thing and therefore very stressful.

Now what is Grump Weed?  They are fully automated aeroponics cannabis facility growing their own cannabis in a sealed, indoor, clean room facility. In addition, using the most advanced technology in the world, Grump Weed uses no soil, no growing mediums, they hang the roots in the air and spray them with exactly what they want and nothing more. Their goal is to produce consistent AAAA quality, pesticide-free cannabis, sold at fair prices.

Hargreaves told BDNMB.CA that they are a Craft Cannabis company and they believe that creating a craft product is more than just growing the plant. It’s about having a team of people who are passionate about growing and doing everything possible to maximize the quality of the product.  

The support for Grump Weed has been overwhelming.  Amazing reviews to date and the customers love the staff and quality of the product. They currently have product in most stores in Manitoba and have product being sold in BC and Saskatchewan and working on getting into Alberta.

The name Grump came from his father (Bruce Hargreaves) who passed away. His nickname was Grump and they wanted to honor him by naming the company after him.

2020 Canadian sales were 2.6 billion dollars and in 2019 sales were 1.2 billion, a 120 percent increase.

2020 USA sales were 17.5 billion dollars, a 46% increase from 2019.