Increase Productivity & Morale

If you are a business owner, the challenge of finding employees with the required skillset is one thing – once you find them, keeping them is even more of a challenge. What is important to an employee is feeling that they are valued enough to have their employer invest in protecting them should an illness or disability happen to them. 

As a business leader, you can ensure your valued employees have the needed protection for themselves and their families with a group benefits plan.

Did you know that these plans:

  • Are available to companies with as few as 3 employees?
  • Cost about 3–6% of annual payroll?
  • Are fully tax-deductible?
  • Offer diverse coverage for your employees and their dependants?
  • Are able to pay an employee who is unable to work due to injury or illness?

A financial professional can help you grow your business by attracting and retaining the best.