Inflatable water park certain to make a splash in Brandon this summer


Summer in Brandon just got a whole lot more interesting. Brandon Bouncy Castles & Inflatables today announced that they will be setting up an outdoor inflatable water park for 4-6 weeks starting mid June, 2019.

James Ruser told that he will be setting up eight inflatable water slides on the grounds at the Keystone Centre. According to James, this is a project he has been working on for approximately 3-years now. As a kid he can remember all of the fun he had at the watersides, when they were located in Brandon, and he was looking to duplicate a similar experience for others.

The tallest water slide (Dropkick) will be 48 feet tall making it visible from 18th Street or Richmond Avenue.  In addition to the water slides James said that they will also be setting up 4-6 inflatable bouncy castles and assorted bouncers. Other featured attractions include a 75-foot obstacle course and inflatable archery tag. Archery tag is very similar to laser tag but with arrows.

They will also have a food truck on hand (Pork Floyd) as well as a small canteen with ice cream, water, etc. There will be a daily admission change with potential access from either Richmond Ave or 13th Street. The inflatable water park will remain open for approximately 6-weeks.