Introducing the new Fusion Credit Union

Photo: Fusion Credit Union

DAUPHIN, Manitoba – Fusion Credit Union launched their new brand at a member
event today, and backed it up with a new scholarship announcement and special
rates for the 2019 RRSP and Term Deposit season.

“We’re thrilled to be introducing our new brand,” says Ron Hedley, CEO.
“Throughout our amalgamation, we’ve listened to our members and our staff, and
we are working to create a credit union that serves all our needs, very well.”

The brand, with its tagline, Here for Good, speaks to Fusion’s unique commitment
to community. “’Here for Good’ captures who we are and what we stand for,”
adds Hedley. “We are here to support our members and to build prosperity in our
communities in any way we can. Sometimes that’s offering financial advice to
members or supporting local businesses, it can also mean being a good employer, or
sponsoring causes that are locally important. We live here, too, so these things are
important to us.”

As part of the launch, Fusion announced an increase of the scholarship program
for 2019 to $20,000 to commemorate the new, amalgamated approach. Although
specifics of the program have yet to be announced, the commitment to the future
is clear. “One of the keys to having a dynamic, diverse economy in our communities
is to support our young people to develop skills that will keep us innovative,”
adds Hedley.

The second announcement is the new ‘Elevator Rates’ for the RRSP season. “One
of the ways we show member appreciation is by offering the most competitive
rates we can,” adds Hedley. “This year’s rates are particularly strong and we hope
members will be encouraged to take full advantage.”

The brand launch event is just the beginning of the full changeover from
Vanguard-Catalyst to Fusion. “Over the coming months, our members can expect
to see us more prominently in each community as we update and replace the signs
in and around the branches and in the communities,” adds Hedley. “And they will
see us take a stronger role in offering advice and information, so everyone in our
communities can gain greater financial confidence.”