Joe Beeverz set to expand restaurant operations in Brandon


A few weeks ago learned that popular restaurant Joe Beeverz (20 – 1300 18th) would be expanding their restaurant operation in Brandon and today we are pleased to share their exciting news with the public. Owner Chad Wallin tells that they will be renovating and expanding into the space next door currently being occupied by Sell-Off Vacations. This will add an additional 1200 square feet to their existing restaurant footprint. Sell-Off Vacations will relocate within the same strip mall to the space previously occupied by Quinznos. Joe Beevez first opened their doors in Brandon 9 years ago. Thanks to their unique Canadian style menu, exciting decor and premium service they expanded to Yorkton, SK and operate seasonally in Clear Lake, MB. For additional information on Joe Beeverz please visit their website.

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with Chad to discuss the exciting news.

BDNMB.CA: With all of the new restaurants over the last 3-5 years why was this expansion the right idea?

Chad: Our business has changed and evolved over the years and we needed to find a solution that could accommodate those business needs. Our catering business has really expanded over this time to the point where we were booking a lot of events and meetings off site. Having said that, we also lost some business simply for the fact that we didn’t have the room or private area that our guests needed. Teams are also something we host a lot and this expansion allows us to have a separate, private space to accommodate teams, business meetings and private parties.

The timing for us was perfect as it will be 9 years since we opened, and it coincided with a new lease renewal. It shows our dedication to Brandon and at the same time allows us to refresh our look and our brand…. And we have prided ourselves on bringing new ideas to the market for almost a decade.

We are proud that we have been part of this community for the last 9 years and are one of the very few Non-National brands along the entire strip of 18th Street. I think it speaks volumes to the hard work, passion and creativity that our team has to stay relevant, current and still continue to grow in an over saturated marketplace. We are extremely proud to be local and independent and the support we have received over the years from our guests has enabled us to continue moving forward.

BDBNB.CA: How many new jobs will this create?

Chad: Great question. Our hope is that with the expansion and renovation it will be busy enough to create a bunch of jobs! I guess time will tell, but truthfully, we are only expanding 1200 square feet and some of that space will be used to make our kitchen area more efficient, so its not so much of a job creator as a much needed room creator.

BDNMB.CA: I assume the travel agency will be moving to the old Quizno’s?

Chad: You are correct. There were a lot of puzzle pieces to put together to make this deal come to a fruition, but with the help of awesome neighbors like Sell-Off Vacations and a forward thinking landlord, they both worked hard to make this happen for us. Towers Realty really helped us to make sure that we had the space that we needed to help us continue to grow our brand.

BDNMB.CA: When do you expect to open?

Chad: You will start seeing some activity for us next door in late April after Sell Off has shuffled over. Our plan would be early-midsummer if everything goes well. We want to be ready to host summer teams, and fully ready to go to host those summer parties and the business meetings when they fire back up in the early fall.

BDBMB.CA: What changes can people expect to see?

Chad: The addition will allow us to use that space as overflow to the restaurant on days when it is needed or can simply be closed off to private functions. The new space will include tv’s of course and a large 110” screen that will be accessible for big games but as well as functional for meetings and presentations. A separate portable bar is available for private parties as well as a separate washroom. In addition to the new space we will be doing some renovations in the existing space to bring it up a little more current standard. That’s all I’m going to tell you…… we have to keep some surprises!

BDNMB.CA: Sounds like exciting times at Joe Beeverz…. Anything else we should know?

Chad: Yes, there is always lots going on. I feel that equally as exciting as the expansion is the new menu that we have been working on which seems like forever, but we have taken our time with this one and have tried a million different ideas. We are about 95% of the way there and our customers can expect to see our old menu blown up and put back together. Of course, we are leaving the favorites, but there is A LOT of new items which include a lot of shareable apps, some new poutines and sandwiches and some healthier, lighter alternatives. It’s been a few years since we have really changed our menu and this one will be by far the most drastic change in 9 years. It will roll out at the start of May.

Our seasonal Clear Lake location will open up the weekend before May Long. We’ve got some exciting new menu changes up there again this year.  It’s kind of cool operating a quick service restaurant as a different style…. Certainly, different then our other two locations style.  The Clear Lake location is not a sit-down restaurant per se with table service, it’s simply a patio, delivery and takeout spot…. To the beach, boat or your cabin!

Other then that, we are busy with our wedding caterings all summer and our “Patty Wagon” food truck bookings that take us all over the place. This is the most exciting time there has been for all of us at work and for all of the Joe Beeverz fans.