Kiwanis Club bike auction set for Saturday, April 27th

(bicycles from a sale in 2017)

The Kiwanis Club of Brandon will be holding their annual bike auction at the Keystone Centre (curling club) on the 27th of April. The Brandon Kiwanis Club has a contractual arrangement with the Brandon Police Service to sell bicycles that they collect through theft, and other means. Each year approximately 100-125 bikes are expected to be up for auction. Proceeds from the sale are used to support community projects.

The auction starts at 10:00 AM. People interested in making a bid for a bike at the auction will have a chance to survey the bikes before the event starting at 9:00 AM. All sales are final and no reserve bids will be accepted. Professional auctioneers are used for the sale. There will be a second auction Saturday, July 27th.