Little Italy Pizzeria under new ownership

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After 24 years as the original owner, Martin Dupuis has sold his local pizza and pasta business Little Italy Pizzeria on 10th Street.

When asked what is the most valuable piece of advice he could offer any young and upcoming business entrepreneur Martin was quick to say “find a mentor because you will always have a ton of questions”.

“You have to be prepared to get dirty, if there is pizza that needs to be delivered then you jump in the car and don’t be too proud” said Martin who contributed part of his success to being a handyman of sorts enabling himself to tackle most of his own plumbing and electrical needs at the business.

Over the last two decades several new pizza businesses have opened and Martin told that his sales continued to grow over the years.  In order to help sales flourish he said that he used many different marketing tools over the years.  “You watch trends from other centres, so I tried to pay attention to what they were doing…also having relationships with the customers as we know most of our clientele” he said about their success.

The new owners Farhan and Morgan Ahmed, and Saki, have been partners/staff at Little Little Italy for several years now so they know the menu and the customers going forward.

“I was lucky enough to pick and choose who you work with…so I always picked who I enjoyed working with” stated Martin about what he will miss most about owning Little Italy.

The 44 year-old Dupuis will move on and keep himself busy doing house renovations, purchasing various properties, and with a wheel chair business.  We at wish him the best of luck going forward.