Manitoba Government Launches Intake for the 2024-25 Canada-Manitoba Job Grant

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The Manitoba government is opening applications for the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant for Manitoba businesses to receive funding to train new and current employees, Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources Minister Jamie Moses announced today.

“Our government was extremely disappointed by the federal government’s sudden and unilateral decision to cut funding for workforce training,” said Moses. “As a result of the federal decision, this year the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant will be reduced by 70 per cent. We are continuing to advocate strongly to the federal government, for the restoration of supports for workers. The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant has very successfully supported Manitoba businesses, particularly small businesses, to train employees and build a skilled provincial workforce over the last number of years. While there is less funding to go around this year, we encourage all eligible businesses to apply.”

The last two annual intakes made $10 million available to businesses through the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant, which is funded through the Labour Market Transfer Agreement with the Government of Canada. This year, $3 million is available, the minister noted.

Employers are eligible to receive up to $10,000 per employee and up to $100,000 per training project. Small employers with 100 or fewer employees can receive up to 75 per cent of eligible training costs, while larger employers can receive up to 50 per cent of training costs.

The 2023-24 job grant:

  • benefitted 485 companies and organizations, 411 (85 per cent) of which were small employers;
  • trained 9,615 employees, 763 of whom were net new hires; and
  • supported training projects in 19 distinct economic sectors and all regions of the province.

Manitoba businesses can apply to receive workforce training support under the Canada-Manitoba Job Grant at The intake will be open on July 24.