New service for Brandon, Josee’s Pet and House Sitting

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At BDNMB.CA we want to support and promote locally owned and operated businesses, as well as those offering unique and imaginative services. Josee Twerdoski feels she has tapped into a necessary service for those people who own pets.

Josee’s Pet and House Sitting service is now available to Brandon residents. Josee offers various services from basic dog walking, to house sitting, to staying with your dogs or pets overnight.

Some pets find it very stressful to go to kennels, and would rather stay in their homes where they feel safe and comfortable, and this is where Josee comes in. Also, if your pet requires medication Josee can handle that task for you while you are away. Her service allows you to go away with peace of mind knowing that your pets and your house are in good hands in your absence.

Her prices are as follows:

House Sitting – Pet Sitting for 24 hours – $75.00
Dog Walking – $25.00

For more information you can checkout her Facebook page.


Joesee’s Pet and House Sitting Service Brandon MB