Oakburn Branch of Sunrise Credit Union to Close


The Board of Directors of Sunrise Credit Union recently made the difficult decision to close the branch in Oakburn, Manitoba, effective June 1, 2022.

“In reaching this decision, we took a wide range of factors into account, including weighing the viability of business operations against the decreasing usage of in-branch services,” added Sunrise CEO and President Tim Klassen, “Many members located in the Oakburn area already use the full services located a short distance away in Shoal Lake and may continue to do so when in-branch services are required.”

Sunrise Credit Union will move all accounts at the Oakburn branch to the Shoal Lake branch after the last day of business. If another Sunrise branch is more convenient, members should contact the branch to arrange a transfer before May 31. Current services such as cheques, auto deposits/debits, online banking, and MemberCards will continue without interruption.

“One the key differences between our financial institution and big banks is that we are democratically run and owned by the membership. Because of this, it is our mandate to focus on the best interests of the entire membership, always working for the greater whole,” says Sunrise Board chair Glenn Young, “Unfortunately, the viability of the business operations in Oakburn dictated the decision to close the branch. However, Sunrise will continue to support local projects in the community.”

The last day of business for the Oakburn branch will be May 31, 2022.