Prairie Dawg Entertainment Hosting Trio of Events in Brandon


Prairie Dawg Entertainment has a trio of upcoming events in Brandon scheduled over the next few months, including a great Charity show coming up on Dec 23rd at The North Hill Inn headlining Loyal'T' out of BC. There is also some great local support on this show by Manitoba rappers Dilajintz and Paragon, Paradicemusic, IMO ( K Dot and MC Rush ), Arrow C, and Jacob Troopa and Sketch Williams Djing. For this event they have partnered with Brandon Battleaxe Warriors, and all proceeds and donations are being given to The Brandon Samaritan House. It's not the first time the group has lent a hand to the Brandon Samaritan House. At their Beats N' Treats show in October, headlining Charlie Fettah, they raised over $200 for the Samaritan House, as well as a decent amount of non perishable goods. Giving back is nothing new to the company as they are also part of the Brandon Battleaxe Warriors Division, a new local charity group aimed at recruiting younger members and giving them a positive outlook. Some great sponsors lined up for the show on the 23rd include: R DUBZ smoking accessories, FIRED Pizza, and C.R.E.A.M. Clothing. Each sponsor will either be donating a prize for a raffle, or in FIRED Pizzas case, giving them a bunch of pizzas which they will giving away FREE starting at 9 pm.. C.R.E.A.M. Clothing have sponsored every one of the shows so far and have been with Prairie Dog Entertainment since day 1.


Prairie Dawg Entertainment Brandon MB


Prairie Dawg Entertainment is the brainchild of owners Chris Macaluso, and Dallas Lamont, who started the company back in March of 2015, when they were only 23 years of age. To date they have promoted eight shows with their largest show being Snak The Ripper, on June 2nd at Houstons. According to co-owner Chris Macaluso they started company as “we really noticed a complete lack of support for these local artists as well as a lack of quality hip hop shows coming through Brandon “. One of the biggest obstacles that they face when trying to putting on a show is that due to Brandon's small size they often have an issue picking up the better days on the tours when artists are coming through. “Usually Winnipeg or Regina get the weekend days and we are stuck with a Wednesday or Thursday. While this isn't always the case it definitely makes it harder to convince people to come out when they have to work the next day.” added Chris.

So far they have only done Hip-Hop shows but plan on branching out into other genres and already have a rave planned at the Double Decker on Jan 21st. It will be their first EDM show and they have partnered with DJ Dirtybird and Sketch Williams on this one to bring Brandon the craziest event it's had in a long time. Four different Dj's, on 4 different floors, at The Double Decker with a different vibe on every floor. Hip Hop groups will be there as well including Nicole Havs, Peshanakwut and "330". Praire Dawg is also promoting. Bring your glowsticks, and put on your game faces, because they're about to get crazy!! They've also got Alpha Omega on Dec 15th at The North Hill Inn. Alpha Omega is a relatively new group comprised of Prevail from Swollen Members and Cory "Neph".


Double Decker Brandon MB


For 2017 they have some amazing shows planned for the new year but your all just gonna have to wait to hear about them. The guys have also started making merchandise so people can rep Prairie Dawg. So far they have white tees and white snapbacks, as well as stickers and window decals. A brand new line of Prairie Dawg merchandise is also going to be released in the new year so stay tuned for that! The guys over at Prairie Dawg Entertainment would really like to thank all the companies and individuals who has ever helped them with their shows . They would also like to thank everyone who has ever had attended one of their events because really its all about them and shows couldn't happen with out their attendance.