Reliance Opens In Brandon


BDNMB.CA welcomes Reliance Home Comfort to Brandon and Western Manitoba and we had time to speak to the local area GM Colin Chalmers.

BDNMB – explain the services Reliance Home Comfort provides plus what makes us different from our competition.

Colin “We provide whole home comfort solutions that include heating and cooling systems, water purifiers, smart home products, plus our plumbing and electrical services.  What will set us apart from our competition is our 100% satisfaction guarantee while making any decision more affordable for our customers.”

BDNMB – Do you expect to hire some local staff?

Colin – “We will bring a national presence with a local feeling by hiring local.  We will be expecting to hire HVAC install crews, plumbers, technicians, etc.”

BDNMB – What are the reasons for your success over the past 5 years.

Colin – “The reasons for our success is we strive to deliver best-in-class customer experiences that will provide them with options that will have economic, safety and health benefits.  Besides just heating and cooling your home, we believe in providing complete home comfort solutions.”

BDNMB – How far will our services go outside of Brandon.

Colin – Our branch in Brandon will have a service area of roughly 115 Kilometers.

To get in touch with Colin Chalmers at Reliance
(431) 541-7963