Ribbon Cutting Celebrating MMF’s New Affordable Métis Housing


There is a ribbon-cutting ceremony set to take place today at 12 pm for the newly built Métis housing triplex at 527-12th Street in Brandon, Manitoba. Minister of Housing for the MMF, Will Goodon along with Len Isleifson, MLA for Brandon East are scheduled to be on-hand for the ceremony.

From today's press release “Affordable housing allows our Métis Citizens and their families to maintain a good quality of life,” says Minister of Housing for the MMF, Will Goodon. “It helps ensure there is a strong, stable foundation for our Métis children to be raised happy and healthy.”

The new triplex will be comprised of three suites, each 1069 square feet. One suite is currently occupied while the other two are expected to be filled in early October. The building is part of larger overall project to supply affordable housing to Métis Citizens based on a combined initiative of the Government of Manitoba’s partnership with the MMF that began in 2013. Overall 5.5 million dollars was allocated over a 5-year span through the Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corporation to help achieve their goals.