School Safety Enforcement – STEP


All too often motorists continue to drive dangerously through school zones and around school buses. To enhance the safety of children attending schools in Brandon a reduction in speed to 30 km/hr in school zones will again be initiated starting in September.

Manitoba Public Insurance in partnership with the Brandon Police Service; will initiate a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) aimed at “School Safety Enforcement”.


The objective of the School Safety Enforcement STEP is to:

  • increase the awareness of the dangers of unsafe driving behaviours in and around school zones;
  • educate the public on safe driving practises in and around school zones
  • reduce unsafe driving behaviours in and around school zones; ie: use of hand held electronic devices; speeding; passing a stopped school bus, through enforcement efforts aimed at offenders who display unsafe driving habits;
  • to enforce speeding offences in the established reduced speed zone


Remember September is when the school zone speed is reduced to 30 km/hr.