Smitty’s Captures Div 2 Summer Hockey Final


Wendy’s Summer Hockey League final at J & G Homes Arena featured the Division 2 Championship with Smitty’s Jets vs CHFA Hockey.

Smitty’s Jets – 4
CHFA Hockey – 3

Both teams were very close throughout the season with 8 wins per team.  So it would make sense the final game would be a battle.

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Ryder Heaphy scored with 2 minutes left in the second period which would prove to the be the game winner for Smitty’s.

Regan Anderson, Ryder Heaphy, Drew Shiels, (all three play for SW Cougars) and Sebastian Stone (Plays for Winkler Flyers) all scored for Smitty’s Jets.

Ty Schell (Plays for Neepawa Titans) with 2 goals for CHFA Hockey and Carter Sawchuk (Former Dauphin King and Neepawa Titans) with one goal for CHFA.