So far today.

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So far today.

Somebody peed on the floor.  At least he told me. It WAS an accident.

We read a book about trees.

I dressed up like Dora the explorer. Not on purpose. I look remarkably similar though.

Kids have been threatened once that they'll lose their allowance. They stand by their claim that they didn't hear me when I went down the hallway, said both of their names, first, middle and last, and made them both look right in my eyes and said "get dressed please". Didn't hear me. Riiiiiggt. Hence threat.

Little one just announced he spilled his whole bowl of cereal on/in the couch. Kids are watching ice road truckers.  And I had birthday cake for breakfast.And came within fraction of an inch of falling face first in a swamp.  On my way to work. And I laughed. All by myself.

And somewhere out there, somebody, someone is reading this and saying "Yes!  Me too!"

Your's truly, Caley