Timmy’s Overhaul


Coffee buddies that meet regularly at Tim Horton’s on Victoria Avenue are going to be feeling a little lost for the next three weeks or so as the store undergoes a major renovation to both the exterior and interior of the building.


Owner Rhonda Pardy said the update is part of their franchise obligation where the store needs to be upgraded every 10 years. This restaurant portion closed on Monday, although the drive-through remains open and will be open for the duration of the renovation.


Pardy said the upgrade is extensive and includes new kitchen equipment, bathroom fixtures, furniture, decor and a slight change to the layout. The store will be more of an open concept featuring a fireplace and a comfortable, casual seating area. The exterior of the building will also have a fresh, new look.


The renovation provided an ideal time to install the latest kitchen equipment so that this location could provide customers with newest products as introduced by Tim Hortons.


“We are pleased that we’ve been able to give back a little to the community in the process as we donated some of the kitchen equipment to Helping Hands; the vanities, sinks, taps and so on to Habitat for Humanity, and all the tables and chairs were donated to families affected by the fire in downtown Brandon last month,” said Pardy. “We’re really excited about the changes, it is time for a new look!”