Ultimate Baby Bags – Everything You Need For Your New Arrival


Some of the greatest inventions in life are born out of necessity, and sometimes the necessities needed when you are born, turn into a great invention.

Jennifer Murray and Patricia McGarvey have combined their personal experiences with some old family traditions to launch Èires’ Leanaí (meaning Ireland’s babies), and their Ultimate Baby Bag.

The trendy, fashion-conscious backpacks come in a variety of colours. They are stocked with baby’s first clothing, diapers, wipes, toiletries for the new mom, breast pads, sanitary pads, and disposable underwear.

Eires Leanai – modern diaper bag backpack hold all your baby’s gear.

“We are both Irish moms, and both have been fortunate to welcome babies in Ireland and Canada,” said Murray. “It’s an Irish tradition that the grandmother would pack the hospital bag for their daughter.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have that luxury here in Canada as both our moms still reside in Ireland. We thought there must be a company that provides a bag. We searched online, and none were found… that’s when Èires’ Leanaí was born.”

The two friends have ten children combined between the two of them (Jennifer-3, Patricia-7) and have no shortage of experience when it comes to childbirth. The unique business model is the only one of its kind available online and local reviews have been excellent.

“Our clients tell us that our Ultimate Bags take so much pressure away,” added Murray.  “Lots of women have said they wish our bags were available when they were having their babies. We feel they really are the perfect gift. We know how expensive it is to have babies, and we want to keep the cost down for people.”

While the online business is still in its infancy, Murray and McGarvey feel that with the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the demand for products online. The pair began pushing the product just prior to Christmas and are thrilled with the response from Westman and the surrounding area.

“We both have babies and other children at home, so we understand the juggling act it can be at home. With many stores closing when Covid-19 struck, there was definitely a big demand for our bags. It may have felt like the world was shutting down, but the babies still came!”

You can check out the Èires’ Leanaí line of Ultimate Baby Bags and unstocked diaper bags at www.ultimatebabybags.ca.