Virden bakery that is too sweet to pass up

The Sweet Spot Bakery Virden MB

The Sweet Spot Bakery opened in Virden (445 7th Avenue) in February of 2021. Owner Sara Hope told that her dream as a kid was always to own her own bakery one day. She started working in a bakery in high school and had the pleasure of working in a couple others in adulthood.  In 2018 Sara took an interest in cake decorating as a hobby and started making cakes for friends and family and loved it. She started experimenting with different materials and edible mediums and watched A LOT of YouTube videos. And when 2020 rolled around, and we were all stuck in the house for covid, she found the bakery in Virden was for sale and decided to take a chance!

The Sweet Spot Bakery Virden MB

Are items baked fresh daily, is it a rotating menu. The bakery is always baking something new and their display case is always changing. Sara loves coming up with new flavors and combinations. Presently they make everything from donuts, cakes, cupcakes, cookie sandwiches, and pies to pizza buns, soup, iced coffee, bubble tea and fresh squeezed lemonade.

Their custom ordered cakes and decorated sugar cookies are what keep them the most busy but the donut section and cookie section are very popular areas as well. Pre-orders on any product are available and appreciated.