Westman Ultimate Disc League recruiting teams/players

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With spring quickly approaching the Westman Ultimate Disc League is starting to recruit players and teams for their summer league. They are looking for players that are over 16 as they are an adult orientated league, however if you have youth aged 14 and up they are more than welcome to play with guardian supervision. If you have a group of friends that would like to start their own team, let them know, they would be more than happy to fit you in their league and schedule. If you are an individual or a group of one or two people, the league will help you find a team to play with. Since they aren’t a highly competitive league, all skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to play.



Sanctioned league games are held on Tuesdays at various fields throughout Brandon during the months of May, June, July and August. They also have pickup games on Thursdays that players are more than welcome to come out and participate in. Pickup games are a great way to come out and try out a game if you have never played or to get to know other teams and players in the league. While some other adult sports in Brandon cost hundreds of dollars a season, Ultimate Frisbee costs only $42.00 for their 14-week season and playoffs. All a player needs to supply themselves is a pair of runners or soccer/football cleats (no steel tips).


Ultimate is a great sport for advanced athletes as well as people looking for their first organized sport. It is a non-contact team sport that focuses strongly on good sportsmanship from players, referred to as “the spirit of the game”. Players referee themselves, so while competitive play is encouraged it must not be at the cost of the spirit of the game.


The game starts with each team’s seven members inside their own end zone. The gender ratio must be 4:3, either 4 men or 4 women on the field at a time. The defending team starts the point by throwing the disc down field to the opposing team, referred to as a “pull”. The objective is for each team to pass the disc amongst their players and catch it in the opposing end zone, scoring a point. Players are not allowed to run when they have possession of the disc. To win the game a team must be the first to score 15 points or the team with the most points by the time the game reaches a time cap.
Registration and an information event will be held 7pm on Tuesday, April 24 at Prairie Firehouse on Rosser Ave. For more information or details you can email Devin Hamilton at westmanultimate@hotmail.com, visit their website at http://wudl.ca or keep an eye on their Facebook and Twitter pages.