Wiggle Chips, a bite out of the ordinary coming to Food Truck Warz


No matter what type of food you’re craving, bdnmb.ca’s Food Truck Warz selection of food trucks will satisfy your need. This year, the 4th annual Food Truck Warz will take place at the Keystone Centre from September 16-19.

Winnipeg’s Derek Collins is no-stranger to the restaurant, fair and food truck festival scene. The colorful Collins has participated in Brandon’s Food Truck Warz numerous times (Phat Dawgs, Onion Bloom) and this year he is returning once again with a new entry, Wiggle Chips. Wiggle Chips serves seasoned chips on a stick topped with all your gourmet fixings. They also offer a variety of gourmet tater-tots.

Judges at Winnipeg’s ManyFest voted Wiggle Chips the most original entry in 2017. Additional information on the event can be found on our Facebook page here.