Brandon Fire & Emergency Services Donate Medical Supplies and Emergency Response Items To The War Efforts In Ukraine

Photo by Jeremy Champagne (Scramble Studio)

Brandon Fire & Emergency Services is donating the following medical supplies and emergency response items to the front lines in Ukraine:

  • 22 Firefighting Helmets
  • 5 Scoop Stretchers
  • 5 Long Back Boards
  • 2 Kendrick Extrication Devices
  • 1 Trauma Bag
  • 1 Sager Traction Splint
  • 1 Stair Chair

One of the local organizers and volunteers is a City of Brandon employee, Oleksandr Holovan. In his spare time, Holovan is coordinating the delivery of these items to Winnipeg, where along with other donations, they will be shipped out via a container to the front lines in Ukraine.

“We are honoured to be able to partner with other local organizations to support the people of Ukraine,” notes Brandon Fire & Emergency Services Chief Scott McDonald. “These items will be used to assist those most affected by the war in Ukraine.”

“I am very appreciative of all of the support that we have received from the City of Brandon,” notes Holovan. “I have close family members back home in Ukraine, and know that all of our efforts will help Ukraine resist Russian aggression.”

On March 2nd, 2022, the City released a statement that Mayor & Council stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and on March 5th, the City raised the Ukrainian flag at City Hall for 4 days and 4 nights as part of showing our solidarity and support for Ukraine.

For those looking for ways to get involved, please visit