Brandon Police Service receives funding from the Province


Yesterday Premier Brian Pallister announced that the Brandon Police Service will receive over $65,000 in its efforts to reduce repeat offences and skyrocketing bicycle thefts in the city.

Bicycle Theft Prevention Strategy

The Brandon Police Service will received $43,100 to reduce bicycle theft in the City. There has been a 90% increase in reported thefts of bicycles in 2018, compared to the same period in 2017. Trends across Western Canada indicate that bicycle thefts are related to the rise in drug addiction, with bicycles becoming a form of street currency. Theft of bicycles is a way to make quick cash, comes with a very low risk of being caught and is a low priority for most law enforcement agencies.

Strategy components:

  • Bicycle registry: Online bicycle registry through Project 529 Garage. This app service can provide police with our own branded bicycle registry. This app will greatly improve our chances to return stolen bicycles to their owners.
  • Partnerships with the City of Brandon, local bicycle shops, educational institutions, COPP, Bear Clan and other organizations to distribute bicycle theft prevention information and promote registration.
  • Improve bicycle-parking in high-traffic areas: We are currently working with Area Planning to study the availability of bicycle parking structures in high-traffic areas. We would like to also install signage and camera surveillance in high-risk areas.

    Recidivism Rate Reduction Strategy  The Brandon Police Service will also receive $22,100 for the Recidivism Rate Reduction Strategy. The funds will help offenders released from the Brandon Correctional Centre find permanent employment and reintegrate into society. The pilot project will target 10 individuals seeking to reintegrate into the Brandon community within a year, and it will rely on community partners to ensure its success.