Brandon’s Ryan White releases hockey related YouTube channel, Whitey’s World

Whitey's World

Forced out of the hockey rink this spring, Ryan White quickly missed the game of Hockey. Brandon’s “Whitey” has spent the past 2 seasons with the AHL’s Manitoba Moose. Over the past 12 professional seasons he compiled 313 games in the NHL with Montreal, Philadelphia, Arizona and Minnesota. With all the accumulated knowledge during his career so far, he felt it was time to share some of his experiences. Teaming up with lifelong buddy, Chammy Champagne, former goalie and OCN Blizzard tough guy, they have combined their skills to release a hockey related YouTube channel titled, Whitey’s World.

Ryan White & Chammy, minor hockey days.

Last winter season, Whitey playing out of his home province in Manitoba for the first time in 16 years, he spent alot of time around the Bell MTS practise facility in Winnipeg.

“Seeing lots of young kids from Manitoba playing and seeing how big the game is here and how much love there is for the game, Chammy and I started brainstorming ways to highlight some of the local Manitoban talent to the masses. And in return as the channel grows, we also intend to show the different and unique views from all around the hockey world.

Ryan White with the Manitoba Moose.

Pairing the visual experience for the viewers with quality music to follow along with was important to the Whitey’s World pair. They have prepared themselves for season one with local Brandonite Matt Cory as the Official Music Artist for the channel. The local musician has a library of rock hits and also compiled “The Whitey’s World Theme Song” with the assistance from other local artist on the vocals Jherrad Cumming, set to drop on all streaming apps August 7th.

“Westman has a lot of great players both male and female ripping up leagues all over the world and in our opinion there isn’t even close to enough coverage on these athletes. The local economy is filled with hockey players pumping money into the surrounding area to train and skate with professionals to be part of the greatest game on earth. On our channel we intend to highlight that and bring light to some of these great people of the hockey world. You will find hockey skills, on and off-ice training or education videos, interviews and in-depth coverage on all types of hockey-related content. Brandon and Westman is a serious hockey hotbed, it only seems fitting that we have our own hockey show”.

Chammy Champagne