Bubble Tea, anyone?


As Bubble Tea becomes more and more popular across North America, Brandonites can now enjoy this unique beverage at one of the newest specialty shops in the city.

Neo Tea Shop, located at #1 559-8th Street (in the strip mall across from Superstore), opened at the beginning of November. The shop is operated by Neo Enterprise and is an independent operation.

This new, ultra-modern space offers local residents, as well as visitors to Brandon, a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy a variety of different beverages. They serve hot and cold drinks including ice tea, latte, milk tea, mousse tea and smoothies.

Of course, they also offer the most popular types of bubble tea and can help you to choose what you might like best. Bubbles can be added to any drink, hot or cold to make a bubble tea. Some of the topping choices include Pearl, Aloe and Coconut Gel. Because of its great taste, Bubble Tea is rapidly making its way to being Canada’s new favourite drink for every day.

The shop is pleased to be able to offer customized service where clients can decide on the ice level, sugar level and toppings that they would like to add to their drinks. They plan to add a few food items to the menu as well.

The company is also introducing a loyal-tea card, which allows members to collect points every time they make a purchase. Plus members can enjoy one free drink during their birthday month.

The owner of Neo Enterprise said the name and logo for the shop was developed with a great deal of thought. Neo represents ‘new’ and ‘reviving’, while the bison that is part of the logo is a symbol of luck and wealth in China, it is also one of the symbols of Manitoba. As well, the pronunciation of Neo in Chinese is close to the word bison.

Neo Enterprise hopes this brings good luck and happiness to their customers! The company also plans to open more stores in 2018, watch for more from them in the new year.