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Brandon, CA
Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Boyd Stadium Fundraiser this Saturday at the Crocus Plains Field. BLUE VS GREEN

Westman Youth Football will be holding a fundraising kickoff tomorrow (June 25th) at Crocus Plains for the Boyd Stadium project.  The event is part of the WYFA Championship Day hosted each year. Organizers will be selling 450 each of Rider green and Bomber blue t-shirts for $20.00 each.  Fans of each team are encouraged to…

Accident at Corner of 18th & Park Ave

A minor accident on Thursday afternoon in Brandon as a semi-truck trailer turning west onto Park Ave from 18th Street crashed into the traffic light pole causing it to tumble to the ground. Traffic along Park Ave and 18th was backed up and police and emergency response units were quickly on hand to investigate and…

Altercation, Stabbing Leaves Victim Hospitalized With Puncture Wounds

A fight by two men in a nearby parking lot, has led to a 27-year-old man being stabbed twice in his upper body on Sunday night in Brandon.  At approximately 2:05 a.m. Brandon Police received a report of a possible stabbing in the 200 block of 17th St N.  Police eventually located the victim at…

Photos from Brandon City Hall candle light vigil for Orlando

Over 100 people assembled for a candlelight vigil, on the steps of Brandon City Hall, to remember the victims of Sunday's deadly Orlando, Fla. nightclub shooting .

Darryl Wolski talks to carnies

With the fair almost packed up and leaving the city again for a year, I thought to myself let’s see what a week in the life of carnie worker is like. Last week while driving home from Austin Texas and seeing the hundreds of semi-trucks I was thinking 'wow would that be a terrible job.' …
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