Community Connection: 20 Questions with Jarod Crane


Jarod Crane is a former golf pro and now a current partner in Crane Steel Structures Ltd. Companies who have built projects all over Western and Northern Canada.  Locally such buildings as Christies, Toyota, and Qdoba.

BDNMB.CA wanted to ask him 20 questions to get to know the real Jarod.

LSU or Alabama: 100% LSU:  Lots of respect for Nick Saban but, “Roll Tide What, ……………….. “ you know the rest !

Best golf memory: Previous Golf Life – Getting to play amazing courses all over the South and meeting and/or playing with a few celebrities, celebrity athletes and performers over the years.

Played a few times at Steelwood CC which at the time was more exclusive than Augusta National.  My second visit was fun playing with Jerry Pate and Joe Durant.

Locally – Winning the Grey Owl and Tamarack in the same season a few years ago.

The best memories seem to come from a guy’s trip every spring out West where one of my idiot buddies does something stupid pretty much every time we play.

Who hits a longer drive you or your brother PJ: When pain free I am 10 yards longer but that’s not very often.  Seems like PJ has a new Driver every round so he is always a step ahead with technology.

Has your role changed or evolved at Crane Steel: We have a development Company working in conjunction with Crane Steel Structures which I oversee on a day to day basis while PJ oversees our General Construction of all projects.  They both go hand in hand with daily collaboration.

Would you consider yourself one of Brandon’s best known people: Not at all, it’s best to fly under the radar.

Your favorite reality TV show: Not a big fan of reality tv, they are all scripted and fake.  I watch a lot of Sports, Dragons Den and Shark Tank on regular TV, otherwise its Netflix.

Who will win in the 2020 US Election and why: Today I would say Trump as the Dem’s are continually sinking their own ship and I don’t see anything changing prior to November.

On a scale of 1 – 10 how attractive are you: A solid 7.8

What is your major weakness: Definitely chocolate almonds and not a fan of paperwork.

Favorite website: I really don’t have one.  Social media sure has a lot of recommendations for me though, good or bad.

What age do you think you would retire: I retired 14 years ago.  Developing properties and managing commercial tenants is more of a daily activity than a job to me, it’s just something I will always do.

Have you ever had a Charleston Chew chocolate bar: Never heard of it, but if you ever make it to Charleston’s the restaurant, the Ribs are amazing.

What do you think the first thing your wife would say about you ( good or bad ): “What did he do now?”  Truthfully, Jennifer has always been my #1 supporter in everything I have done over the years.

Any advice you could give a class of grade 12 students that would be graduating:
If you continue on in school take some business classes along the way, they apply to every profession.

***Believe half of what you hear and a third of what you read***

Latest sleep in time on weekends: About 8:30 am unless there is a tee time to show up for in the summer

Skip The Dishes would you use it more or less than 5 times a month: Less than 5 times for sure, I would rather be in the restaurants.

Best Brandon radio station: My truck is mostly on XM Radio.  If a local station is on it is probably BOB FM as I’m not much of a country music fan

What would be your dream job: Golf was my dream job for about 15 years so I already did many forms of it.

Warren – Sanders or Biden: Fake Pocahontas, Crazy Bernie and Quid Pro Joe –  I think I just threw up in my mouth !

Who would you Dad say is a harder work You or PJ: Dad would say we both work hard but I would say PJ, he has a lot on his plate every day.

BTW – Epstein didn’t kill himself.