Former Brandonites build a hit TV show

Dirty T Shirt Productions has taken the unique story of the McPhail Brothers to Bell MTS FIBE TV 1. McPhail Brother Workshop, a six-episode series follows Joel and Josh McPhail into their shop, as they create stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces out of wood and metal

Producer / Director Steve Langston explained the show captures the creative genius of two of his childhood friends. Joel and Josh first headed to the workshop, he said, when their mother planned to buy a $2,000 dining room table for their cabin and the brothers knew they could make one.

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“Because they’re always into making stuff and it turned out really well. People started asking them to build stuff for them and that’s when the business took off,” Langston said, noting carpentry for the former Brandonites is still part time, on weekends and evenings.

McPhail Brothers Workshop, filmed in Portage la Prairie, shares the passion Joel and Josh have for their projects, along with the feisty relationship between the siblings. They work with a lot of Manitoban materials, Langston said, particularly Manitoba maple, as well as reclaimed products, from barn board to truck parts. “I mean, they’re not necessarily just carpenters, they’re welders and they’re doing all sorts of interesting things that make their products so unique,” he added.

Langston admitted McPhail Brothers Workshop was a fun project for all involved. “It’s one of those projects where you have to almost pinch yourself,” he said, adding the show
demonstrates hard work between the two brothers does pay off.

When asked about the experience of filming a television show with his brother the oldest
McPhail Brother offered, “Being able to create these projects with my brother has been a
great bonding experience, but being able to film it all and share it with the world at the
same time is just amazing.

Each McPhail Brothers Workshop episode is approximately eight minutes long and available
now to Bell MTS subscribers.

Dirty T Shirt Productions is a Manitoba company founded by Steve Langston in 2010. The
company regularly works with many of Manitoba’s more visible brands and has been seen
across Canada on familiar channels, such as CBC, AMI, Bell MTS and more.

Look for McPhail Brothers Workshop on Instagram at @mcphailbros and check out their
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