George Fitton School recognized for their hard work to protect our watersheds

Nutrien Caring for Our Watershed Finalists Back Row: Lyam Haslen, Carson Rice Front Row: Mrs. Seitter, Mrs. Watier, Andres Rincon Cuadrado, Phoenix Stevens, Braden Patey, Ms. Robinson

Three classes of Grade 7/8 students at George Fitton School accepted the challenge put forward by Nutrien to answer the question:


“What can you do to improve your watershed?”


The students worked diligently over the course of six weeks, researching and collecting information on watersheds, listening to guest speakers, speaking with custodians and principals, and making phone calls to businesses and other schools within the community of Brandon.


On Thursday, March 22nd, in celebration of the hard work observed from all three classrooms, the students were treated to a Breakfast Party followed by a gallery walk where all submitted proposals were on display.


Following the Breakfast Party, Mrs. Watier, Mrs. Seitter & Ms. Robinson thanked the students for all of their hard work and efforts to protect our watershed, and announced that out of 280 submissions, George Fitton School merited TWO placements in the 10 finalist positions!

Our finalists are as follows:

*Phoenix Stevens, Braden Patey, and Andres Rincon Cuadrado for their proposal titled “Watershed Fest”; and

*Lyam Haslen and Carson Rice for their proposal titled “#saveourwatershed”


In addition to our two finalists, Rooney Gopaul’s project “Habitat Fragmentation” was selected for implementation as well! Although Rooney did not place, the judges admired his “enthusiasm, the way that [he] had already reached out and made connections” in the community. Rooney has partnered with the Brandon Riverbank Discovery Centre to reduce habitat fragmentation by building bird houses for the establishment of a Purple Martin Colony on the Assiniboine River!


What Happens Next? The two groups of students are now invited to present their proposals to a panel of judges at Oak Hammock Marsh on April 28th for the final round of the contest!