Heritage Co-op Coming to Rivers, Spring 2019

Photo Credit: Bearded Trevor

Heritage Co-op has purchased the Rivers Bigway Foods store and is proud to officially become a member of the Rivers community in spring 2019. The recent sale has the current owners and Heritage Co-op management and board excited about the future of the store.

“We’re ready to show Rivers the Co-op difference, and that extends beyond great products and service,” said Heritage Co-op General Manager, Lorne Zacharias. “We strive to be a true member of the communities we serve, and that means supporting community groups and initiatives and caring about the causes our community members care about.”

Customers can always be sure that their dollars spent will be invested back into the communities served. Heritage Co-op also encourages community members to take advantage of Co-op’s lifetime membership benefits – another important feature of the Co-op difference. Members are owners and share in the profits of their Co-op. Purchases made at Heritage Co-op locations gain members equity, and each year members receive cash back for a portion of this equity.

“It’s easy to earn cash back just by shopping at Co-op for your everyday needs, and it’s easy to shop at Heritage Co-op locations, now in seven different communities,” said Zacharias. “With Rivers’ close proximity to Brandon, shoppers will also be happy to know that they can gain equity when they shop at our Rivers location and our Brandon location.”

Heritage Co-op looks forward to providing a truly local grocery option for the Rivers community and getting to know the community and its members better. “We have long felt like Rivers was part of our overall Heritage Co-op community, so it’s exciting that we can now officially call Rivers one of our communities served” said Zacharias.

Heritage Co-op will officially take ownership in April 2019, with the specific date to be determined. During this transition, the store will operate as usual. All Rivers Bigway Foods employees will be given the opportunity to remain employed at the store once Heritage Co-op takes ownership.

Heritage Co-op values the business of the customers at this store and will ensure that the store provides the highest level of service. Customers can look forward to seeing Co-op label products stocked throughout the store once the transition is complete. A grand opening event will follow in summer 2019.