Manitoba to allow alcohol with restaurant delivery, takeout orders

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Source: Province of MB News Release

The Manitoba government will authorize the sale of liquor with take out and delivery meal service by licensed establishments, Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton announced today.

“We have heard from restaurant owners who have expressed a strong interest in selling wine, beer and single-serve beverages through food take out or delivery service, and had already started the process of bringing in necessary changes,” said Wharton.  “These businesses have been significantly impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19 and by allowing this flexibility now, restaurants will be able to offer an additional service to customers when it is needed most.”

The Manitoba government has issued a new public health order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 that prohibits all restaurants and other commercial facilities from serving food to customers in their premises.  However, restaurants and other commercial facilities can prepare and serve food for delivery or takeout.

Enabling licensed establishments to sell liquor with take out and delivery will provide greater opportunities and flexibility for businesses significantly impacted by COVID-19, and more choice and convenience for consumers coping with the pandemic at home, the minister said.

Liquor delivery and take out orders would be linked to meal orders and offered by licensed establishments whose primary business is food, such as restaurants.  Liquor pricing will be the same as in-dining service menu prices, which will link wine and beer retail to the licensees’ meal service.