National Wrestling Tour Reminiscent of Stampede Heyday

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A Spanish giant, a Belgian Bull, a Mexican daredevil, an Austrian leg breaker and more are in store for local fans of professional wrestling when the body slammers from Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (CWE) return to Brandon on April 24 at the Great Western Roadhouse.


While Brandon isn’t historically recognized as a “wrestling town” it has hosted the AWA, WWE and Stampede Wrestling in past years. The April 24th event, as part of the Canadian Wrestling’s Elite 10th anniversary tour, rings in an era of professional wrestling that harkens back to the barnstorming days of Stu Hart and his Stampede Wrestling circuit.


“Wrestling has historically been regional”, says Canadian wrestling historian Vance Nevada of Souris, himself appearing in the ring on this tour. “But what we’ve seen in recent years is that the regional circuits have been reduced to monthly standing engagements in a single city and there aren’t many opportunities for a wrestler to make a living or really hone their craft under the present model. The CWE tour, taking the show on the road is like the golden era of Canadian wrestling where talent is hitting the road to test their mettle.”


Wrestling fans will delight to see the return of CWE Champion Danny Duggan and the return of the lady wrestlers. They are joined by an international line-up of talent, many of which are making their first visit to Canada as part of this record-breaking tour. This, the tenth anniversary tour for the Winnipeg-based league, starts in Manitoba on March 26th and winds its way west to Vancouver on April 10th before barnstorming back east, concluding with the circuit’s debut in Toronto on May 2.


Those at ringside will get their first look at a roster from multiple European nations. Germany’s Norman Harras, Austria’s Martin Pain, Belgium’s Robin Lekime, and seven-foot giant Alex Ace of Spain are billed to appear.


The tour is headlined by 30-year veteran of the mat wars, “Psicosis” who fans may recognize from television with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Born Dionicio Torres in Tijuana, Mexico, Psicosis began his career at age 18 and soon his talents saw him travelling the globe. In fact, it was in 1995 that he was recruited alongside fellow Mexican high flyer named Rey Misterio to introduce the style to American audiences, inspiring a lucha libre revolution in the U.S., bringing a dynamic, high risk style to television and influencing the current generation of wrestlers.


Fans can keep tabs on the latest details and match announcements at the league’s Facebook page by following @CWECanada.