Olde English Road Hockey League returns after 10-year hiatus


The league which started back in 2010, before folding in 2011-2019, is making a comeback in 2020. League commissioner Brendan Macgranahan tells bdnmb.ca “The league is as competitive as its ever been and I know the players can’t wait to get back out there. It’s been a long 10 years without road hockey.”

The league consists of 3 Teams

⁃ Linden Lanes Knuckles owned by Cole McCaig
⁃ Green Acres Grimace owned by Brayden Bertone
⁃ East Side Kings owned by Jesse Linner

Olde English action continues this weekend at Westridge Community Centre.

June 23, 2020: After conflicting reports, the OERHL will not be accepting expansion teams at this time. “We are a young league that is just trying to get it’s feet off he ground” said Knuckles owner, Cole McCaig. “We are very humbled by the support and interest the league has generated in the first few weeks. We believe as an organization that expansion is possible someday, however right now is not the most opportune time for the league” added McCaig. The league continues it’s early success, as its teams begin their respective push for the playoffs.