Rain barrel fundraising initiative set to take place at Riverbank

Photo: rainbarrel.ca

Brandon Riverbank Inc. is pleased to announce the organization will once again be selling rain barrels, in partnership with Rainbarrel.ca.

Orders are being accepted from now until June 12 with the pick-up day scheduled for June 22 at the Riverbank Discovery Centre from 11 am-7 pm. The barrels are being sold for $85 each ($10 from each sale will go towards Brandon Riverbank Inc. in an effort to raise funds for the Assiniboine River Corridor Master Plan.)

Rain barrels capture and store rain water collected from roofs through downspouts. They provide chlorine-free and fluoride-free water which is ideal for flowers, vegetables, lawns, shrubs and trees. Collected water has a number of other uses including washing cars, cleaning floors, laundry and more. These many uses can provide cost savings and conservation opportunities for every homeowner, especially those who pay to have water trucked in, use a well or have a water meter installed.

Purchasers have a choice of colours and each rain barrel available through Brandon Riverbank Inc. comes equipped with all the parts you need to set up your barrel. These environmentally-friendly products were once used to transport fruits and vegetables and have been refurbished and repurposed to offer years of reliable service as rain barrels.

Brandon Riverbank Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization that is responsible for the care and development of the Assiniboine River Corridor throughout our community. In June 2016, Brandon Riverbank Inc. and the City of Brandon approved the ‘Back to the River’ Master Plan – a 20-year document that guides the use and planning of this special greenspace that winds its way through our city. Many projects, large and small, will come to fruition as a result of the Master Plan and significant funding and community support will be required as we recreate Brandon’s ‘Central Park’. This is a perfect initiative for our organization to pursue, as it promotes water conservation, healthy river systems and environmental stewardship.

Orders are now being accepted until JUNE 12th at https://rainbarrel.ca/riverbank/.