Simply Spotless sweeping away the competition


Sarah McKay hails from Brandon and the 32 year old has founded a cleaning company called Simply Spotless based out of Lethbridge.

As of late she has branched out to add a new franchise in Brandon.

We had time to quiz Sarah on her ideas and what the future holds.

BDNMB: After you pay staff, marketing, vehicles, insurance, supplies, rent etc plus not to mention this is a pretty competitive business, is this been somewhat profitable?
-Yes we have been very fortunate to have a lot of support in Brandon and have grown steadily since we opened 🙂 

BDNMB: Why did you feel marketplace in Brandon warranted a new cleaning company?
-For years my family and friends have been asking when Simply Spotless was going to expand out to Brandon. It has been in the works for awhile but when revenue decreased during Covid I was brainstorming ways to increase revenue and decided that it was the perfect time to take the leap and expand to Brandon. 

BDNMB: Is finding staff difficult overall?
-During the first few months there was a lot of uncertainty because of Covid so that made it hard to find people who wanted to work. As restrictions lift it has become easier to find team members but I am beyond grateful to have my sister in Brandon to help with the cleans and managing our awesome cleaning techs! 

BDNMB: What sets you apart from the local cleaning companies with one or two staff?
-We pride ourselves on providing meaningful work to our team as well as exceptional customer service to our clients . We have high standards and utilize our processes and procedures to eliminate miscommunication and to ensure the clients are getting exactly what they want cleaned. 
Any further expansion plans?

BDNMB: Any further expansion plans?

-My end goal is to have 5 locations across Canada . We are still doing market research and are in the process of deciding where to expand but we are thinking about somewhere that has a lot of sunshine or that fresh mountain air! We are also branching into different avenues such as selling our processes and procedures and potentially a product line,  so watch out for those ! 

BDNMB.CA wish you all the best with your future plans.