Westman Next the “next” generation of business professionals


Westman Next started with a group of 6 people who were interested in creating connections in their business environment in a more organic way. They had all been to traditional networking events that happen throughout the city but were looking for something a bit different. Their goal of course had networking in mind, but building relationships first and foremost with the hopes that business referrals would naturally follow. The name Westman Next evolved from the group’s focus on building relationships with the “next” generation of business professionals. The group currently consists of young professionals such as bankers, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, brokers, managers, and entrepreneurs.

Westman Next spent their first year planning events and inviting people that they knew who might be interested and the feedback was positive. They will continue to host quarterly social events which in the past have included a lawn bowling tournament, golf day, escape room, Christmas party, and an upcoming Mario Kart networking event at the Prairie Firehouse. In addition to the social events, there are also monthly lunch and ‘drinks after work’ type gatherings which all carry a casual vibe. Now that they are well established, they are looking to involve a larger group and invite anyone fitting the ‘young professional’ category to join in on the events. Follow their Instagram account @westmannext for upcoming event announcements, or email westmannext@gmail.com for more information.