Shur-Gro’s Brandon Terminal completes Phase 3


Ron Helwer, President of Shur-Gro Farm Services is pleased to announce the third and final phase of the dry fertilizer storage and handling capabilities at Brandon Terminal Ltd has been completed. Phase three is currently being commissioned.

In 2015 Brandon Terminal Ltd. completed Phase One of the expansion building a 20,000-tonne warehouse, expanding the rail siding and other improvements to the existing facility. The Second Phase completed in 2017 included another 23,000-tonne storage and handling warehouse. Phase Three includes expansion of the rail facilities, doubling the load in capabilities and an additional 23,000 tonne warehouse. The 160,000 square foot facility has total storage of 66,000 tonnes and 150,000 –160,000 tonnes of throughput annually.

Ron says “Shur-Gro has made a $20 million investment in the Brandon Terminal Distribution facility and we are very proud to support the local economy and support the Ag Community by providing local access for their fertilizer requirements, while taking advantage of Brandon’s location as a transportation hub.”