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Framework Media is local businesses seeking to find growth through digital media, providing new and creative content for your brand. Social media plays a huge role in today’s marketing world and ordinary content just isn’t good enough. Whether its video or photos, Framework excels in creating quality professional images and videos for their clients to use for all their social media and other marketing needs. A recent example of some of their video work is posted below.

Liam Shamray, who owns the business, recently took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions from

It would appear Liam you are a natural up and coming entrepreneur, is this a common trait in your family ?

Not particularly, however my grandpa did own a couple of businesses in Roblin and I always found those old stories interesting, but I think it really started when took my first business course in grade 9. From there I just kept taking more and more courses and now I’m going into my 3rd year of business at BU.

Was making corporate videos just something you learned on your own or did you have any formal training?

I started playing around with a camera when I was about 14, so I got a great understanding of how they operate, but it wasn’t until about 4 years ago when I downloaded video editing software. That’s also around the time that I started doing social media marketing for MSPrebiotics out of Carberry. I was fortunate enough to get this job where I learned a lot about how to apply my marketing skills and even got to sit in meetings with a past CFO of Novartis. I always knew how to take a nice photo but video became more and more in demand for our marketing strategy, so to make a long story short, yes I am primarily self-taught, but I think a lot of my eye for detail comes from my mom who spent the main portion of her career at CKX.

Do you think that Westman businesses will embrace what you are providing?

I hope so, I certainly think that there is a gap in the market for this service. I constantly look at an array of businesses Instagrams and I see so much potential. There is so much content you can create for the consumer, but I want to prove that although in certain cases an iPhone photo can be great. However, to really utilize these platforms you need aesthetically pleasing content that is not always an effort to sell, rather give value.

What are the costs for a typical video?

A cost for a video is anywhere between $400-$1000+ it varies based on the project hours and what’s needed to make the perfect video the client is looking for.

Will you plan to branch into some new services?

Absolutely, we offer everything from Vehicle, real estate, corporate, small biz, lifestyle, product photography and videography, or anything in between. Our latest offerings include social media management along with content creation which is our premium package for $1350/month. A content package which includes a 30-50 second video and a dozen edited photos costs $800/month and social media consulting is $35/ hour.

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